30 Digital Marketing Tools you can use for FREE

1- Google Analytics – To track website traffic activity
2- Google Keyword Planner – For keyword research
3- Google Search Console – To check indexing status & more
4- Google Trends – To analyze the popularity of a search term
5- UberSuggest Basic Account – keyword research + content ideas
6- Screaming Frog SEO spider – For website audit
7- SEOreviewtools – To extract backlinks
8- Website Auditor – For website audit
9- Monitor Backlinks – To monitor backlinks & keywords
10- Answer The Public – For visual keyword research
11- Grammarly – To write grammatically correct sentences
12- Trello – To organize your project and monitor the progress
13- Canva – To design online using drag & drop features
14- Hootsuite – To plan and track your social media activity
15- Smartlook – To analyze user behavior on your website
16- Mailchimp – For email marketing
17- Right Relevance – To find the right influencer
18 – Ahrefs Basic Account – Keyword research
19 – SEMRush Basic Account – keyword research
20 – Snaptik – To remove TikTok watermark
21 – Bitly – URL shortener
22 – Inflact – Hashtag generator
23 – PageSpeed Insights – for checking the website speed
24 – Facebook Ad Library – To spy on competitors Ads
25 – Creator Studio – for Scheduling Facebook and Insta Posts
26 – TubeBuddy and VidiQ – for YouTube video Analytics
27 – RapdTags – for YouTube Video Tags
28 – YouTube Audio Library – for Royalty-free music
29 – Pexels – for free stock images and Videos
30 – QuillBot – Paraphrasing tool that generates various synonym

Website Launch Checklist: 28 Things to Check Before You Launch Your Site

Site launch checklist

Launching a new website is always exciting — you’ve worked hard on that dazzling design, awesome content, and outstanding user interface. Obviously, you can’t wait to share it with the whole world.
Why would you need to test your beautiful site before launching it?

Learn the 28 Things to Check before your Launch your beautiful website – Click here


Top 15 technology terms that every technology student should know.

  1. IoT or The internet of things. Sure, by now you know what the internet is (a global network of connected computers). But this phrase refers to more than just computers. The “things” are everyday objects that also connect to the internet. These objects can be controlled by a hub device or with your smartphone, like the Nest learning thermostat, or Wi-Fi electrical outlets that connect to Alexa.
  2. UI. This short acronym is vital to the design of every technological device on the market today. UI stands for “user interface,” meaning the layout of a website, app, or other item. This helps create the look and feel of the devices you use and love today.
  3. UX. UX stands for “user experience,” which is more about how the human relates to the interface and navigates the device. Apple’s iPhones became a smash success because Steve Jobs was extremely concerned with the user’s experience with the device.
  4. Augmented reality. Augmented reality has a focus on the real world but involves overlapping the virtual world within that world. This creates a mixed reality that will be a big part of our future.
  5. AI. No term is more newsworthy today than AI, which stands for artificial intelligence. With AI, computers become smarter over time, learning how to do things without the programming of a human.
  6. Social engineering. This is another newsworthy term referring to the act of taking people’s passwords and sensitive information for personal gain. This is usually the act of hackers who parade as a trustworthy source. They garner information from the person without the other party realizing their intent.
  1. HTML. The internet is built upon the language of HTML. This stands for HyperText Markup Language and is what programmers use to write website code. It gives the page the look from its text, images, videos, etc.
  2. CSS. Related to HTML but subtly different, CSS is the language used to format HTML code. The acronym stands for Cascading Style Sheets and helps to enhance the design of the content on a website.
  3. Encryption. As hackers are becoming smarter than ever, encryption is an important part of keeping data safe. Encryption is the act of making data unreadable by other users who have not been authorized to access the data. It basically turns information into a made-up language using special formulas.
  4. Front end of a website. Any website developer throws this term around with ease, so it’s important to know the meaning. The front end of a website is any part of a website you can see. When you type in a URL and find text, videos, and graphics, this is the front end that has been created by a web designer.
  5. Back end of a website. The back end of a website goes hand in hand with the front end. This is the part you can’t see, made up of the HTML and CSS code that creates the website behind the scenes.
  6. Cloud computing. Cloud computing is a form of data storage. Rather than storing data on the hard drive of a computer, the information is stored in a “cloud,” which is a number of remote servers. Google Docs and Gmail are examples of cloud computing, as are Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.
  7. Big data. This is a term tossed around a lot that many people don’t quite understand. Big data refers to the collection of data so large, it can’t process through the normal systems. Big data can be collected from mobile devices, emails, apps, and more.
  8. Native apps. Unlike the apps found in the App Store or Google Play, native apps are made specifically for one platform and only run on that device. Examples of native apps include Mail for iOS.
  9. A/B testing. This is an important form of research mainly done for marketing purposes. With A/B testing, two different ads or programs are put to use, then the results are analyzed and the better performing ad is kept running. A/B testing allows marketers to find the most effective means of advertising.

Source : ndependence.edu

Clean Avadi 2020 – by Idhu Namma Avadi @ 25th Jan 2020

The team of volunteers with like-mindedness started a social enterprise called Idhu Namma Avadi with an objective to create a social change in the neighbourhood of Avadi. Five focus area like Education, Environment, Health & Hygiene, Women Empowerment and Sports were identified to create a social change. Recently, an event “Clean Avadi” was envisioned by the members of Idhu Namma Avadi on 25 th Jan 2020. Having heard about the programme “PLOGGING” initiated by the Commissioner, Avadi City Municipal Corporation since last November 2019, the Idhu Namma Avadi joined hands with the Avadi City Municipal Corporation to do a massive clean drive on 25th Jan 2020.

Idhu Namma Avadi invited volunteers from Nazareth College of Arts & Science, DRBCC Hindu College, SA Engineering College and few residents of various housing & other associations from the neighbourhood of Avadi. About 1200 volunteers joined hands to clean Avadi. The Commissioner, Avadi City Municipal Corporation provided a great support to this event. About 24 Sanitary Inspectors with their respective municipal workers under the supervision of Sanitary Officer were involved to execute this project.

Idhu Namma Avadi was approached by various public and team of officers from Karur Vyasa Bank to work for this Clean Avadi event. About 45 KVB Officers joined to work with us. MCB builders join hands with Idhu Namma Avadi to partially sponsor this event. The event was flag off by Mr. N Ravichandran, Commissioner, Avadi City Municipal Corporation at ward no. 6 (near Thirumullaivoil). The student volunteers were equally divided into 24 wards/areas and carried out a massive cleaning drive. It was estimated about more than 100 tons of garbage were removed from the neighbourhood. The student volunteers besides cleaning, reached out every household and created an awareness to inspire every citizen to keep the Avadi clean. The Idhu Namma Avadi team also trained few

Nazareth College student volunteers in Tamil Nattupura music/dance (Alternate media) like Para, Oyil aatam etc to attract the neighbourhood in order to create awareness on clean Avadi. Idhu Namma Avadi gained its support from various public and other organisations and received huge appreciation from the Avadi City Municipal Corporation.

The event “Clean Avadi” has evolved as a movement. Mr. Selvaraj, Secretary  Idhu Namma Avadi has pledged the commissioner, Avadi City Municipal Corporation to support in making Avadi the cleanest city of the nation. The social movement has just began in Avadi.. The volunteers of Idhu Namma Avadi is on a journey to social change.

Be the change that you want to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi

Inviting all like-minded volunteers to join Idhu Namma Avadi.
visit website : http://idhunammaavadi.com



DSC_123303 August 2019 – Pallikaranai, Chennai.
As part of the 27th World Breastfeeding Week 2019 celebrations, Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital, Pallikaranai inaugurated “AMIZHTHAM”, a Human Milk Bank on August 3rd, 2019 in the Pallikarani Hospital premises. The goal of World Breastfeeding Week is to create awareness on the importance and the benefits of breast-milk in the growth and development of infants. Setting-up Amizhtham is definitely a step towards ensuring that new-borns have access to adequate breast-milk, which in turn strengthens the health of the babies. Breast-milk plays an undeniable role in reducing the mortality of preterm babies and Amizhtham will definitely serve as a life-saver.

Dr. T. Govindarajan, Founder & Chairman of the hospital presided over the function. Dr. Shoba, Director of the Institute of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Egmore, was the Guest of Honor. She inaugurated Amizhtham and addressed the gathering. Dr. T. G. Shivaranjini, Head of the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Dr N. Rajeswari, Head of the Department of Pediatrics and Dr. N Vaitheeswaran, Chief Neonatologist also graced the event. They were joined by doctors from other departments, staff nurses, several antenatal mothers and general public.

The inauguration was part of a week-long event conducted by Departments of Paediatrics, Neonatology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology. The event highlights included conclave by consultants on Breast feeding practices and benefits, breast feeding in preterm babies and an interactive Q&A session with the audience. There was also a stall on healthy food and Nutrient-rich complementary foods by eminent Nutritionists and distribution of educational literature on breast feeding. As part of audience engagement, quiz programme for the participants were held and prizes were distributed.

Dr. T. Govindarajan, Founder & Chairman of the hospital expressed the hope that this “Human Milk Bank” which is yet another facility in the hospital would serve the needy and be a life saver to preterm babies in days to come


Best Online Cake Deliveries In Chennai

Cake means celebrations. Celebrations could be anniversaries, birthday, marriage, farewell and a lot more. So the one common thing about these celebrations is cakes. Wherever there is a celebration, there is a cake. Nowadays, we need not go get cakes from the physical stores. Rather you can get them deliver it at your place. Here are some of the Best Online Cake Deliveries In Chennai to check out for to make your celebration more special.

The Cake World

One among the well-known bakeries in Chennai that serves some of the unique cakes. Cake World is now also available online to get your celebration cake delivered at your doorstep. Do try ordering White Forest and the Black Forest Cake that are more exotic and delights your senses like never before. If you are a vegetarian, you do have an option of availing an Eggless cake with the same specifications. It is also quite affordable for all. You can order through this website – http://www.thecakeworld.in/

Happie Returns

Wish happy returns with a Happie Returns’ cake. Like other bakeries, they have all the offerings one looks out for. Kitty Cat Cakes, Fruit Delight, and Mango Cheese Cakes are some of the best offerings that would add delight to your celebrations.

My Dear Cakes

Alike the name, the cakes you get here will also be so dear to you as they make fusion cakes, cartoon cakes and many other with unique designs. Here you get cakes in fusion flavours and also in combos.

The Cup Cake Company

Cup Cakes are served more during celebrations in English culture. If you would like to follow the same suit, then opt for cupcakes from The Cup Cake Company. Apart from cupcakes, they also serve Donuts, Popcorns and Cake Shakes.

CK Bakery

One among the new names that grew faster and bigger in the city like Cake World in a very short span of time. CK Bakery also has some unique offerings such as Blueberry, Black Currant, and other such flavours. Deliveries are made through Swiggy. So one has to log on to Swiggy to get a cake from CK.

Hot Breads

An old big gun that is still the most preferred for many. Hot Breads is known for the eggless cake offerings that taste more similar to that of the ones made with egg. Hence Hot Breads is a name to remember like Cake World.

So get ready to give a bash to your loved ones with these options and make them feel special.

Tribute to The Missile Man -APJ Abdul Kalam at Bessi Beach

#AbdulKalam – 1000+ Kalam’s went for a #walkathon today with #tree_saplings
 Elliot’s Beach Besant Nagar…
Thanks to #Priya_Jemima  Eventswalk for organizing such a wonderful event…
On the 2nd death anniversary of our beloved Professor A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, a novel event for Children was organized by Events Walk @ Besant Nagar beach in association with Green Cross Health Organization, Regreen Chennai, Pasumai Tamil Nadu, Lions Club – Georgetown, Murugan Metal, PromozSquare and Enerzal.
Several thousand children representing many schools from across the breadth of Chennai participated. Students from Maharishi Vidya Mandir, CSI Santhome Hr sec School, PSBB Millenium, Thai Sathya, Advent Christian School, Ramaniyam Sankara Vidyalaya and Sri Sankara Vidyalaya took part in the Walkathon wearing Professor Kalam’s face mask, displaying their remembrance and love for our beloved Ex-President of India. Mr. AV. Ramanan – renowned musician, Ms. Priya Jemima – Events Walk, Mr. Vaikunth Kasturirangan – Chairman of Green Cross Health Organization and Father Jegat Casper flagged of the Walkathon, Lion Rajesh Joshi and many socially responsible Leaders participated and flagged of the event and tree plantation drive.
The walkathon is being followed by “20,000 trees plantation drive” at various schools of Chennai, with an aim to recover the lost trees due to the Vardha disaster in 2016. We aim to recover the lost greenery of Chennai not just by planting trees but also by ensuring prompt maintenance and watering of the trees daily, and an oath ceremony was conducted wherein the children took ownership and responsibility of maintaining the trees planted by them.

#TheCulinaryQuest2017 at Phoenix Market City, Chennai

Phoenix Market City has always been the place which has been frequented by youngsters and others all through the day. The mall keeps buzzing with one activity or the other. Having located very close to Guru Nanak College, the mall houses some of the top notch brands from across various industries like Gadgets, Fashion, Technology, Entertainment,Food among others.

Having tasted the success with its #TheCulinaryQuest edition in 2016, the mall announced it this year as well which began on July 1st and would be going until July 31,2017. The announcement came at the time when the nation is already reeling under the shock of the proposal of GST which has seen the prices of the most of items being shot up with restaurants and multiplexes taking the maximum heat.

Having said that, Phoenix Market City decided to treat its customers during this testing time and announced the culinary quest where it has tied up with 10 top restaurants namely – Jonahs, Kobe, The Chocolate Room, Bombaysthan, Mamagato, iD, Noodle Bar, Spaghetti, Punjab Grill and Nandos. Each restaurant is unique in it’s own aspect be it with its food or with the style they were being served with one common scenario forall – that all of them are situated inside the Phoenix Market City which means, you mayprefer a Vegetarian or a Non Vegetarian food, Tandoori or Chinese, North Indian or South Indian, you get them all in one place.

Coming to the most interesting part. What is the OFFER in store? 

There is a 15% off on all the above restaurants and the terms differ from one brand to other but having said that, most of the time, it would suit all and it would effectively offset the proposed GST of 18%

The team from Newspatrolling had an opportunity to visit Punjab Grill to taste the specially curated menu for this festival. We were served with Paneer Tikka Satay, Beetroot Ki Tikki, Tandoori Brocolli, Button Mushroom as starters.


food phonix city chennai newspatrol

This was followed by the main course which included Garlic Nan and Laccha Paratha with Dhabe Wali Dal and Roasted Masala Aloo and ended with Gulab Jamun Rabdi.

phonics city food news patrol

Some of the core points to be noted here:

1. The taste has remained the same over the period of time since we tasted the same items back in 2016 Culinary Quest as well.

2. Paneer is made in-house which ensures that it is prepared properly which cuts like a cake instead of being chewy in the centre.

3. The masala used in these items were blended evenly giving a perfect aroma and an everlasting taste.

4. The food tasted real good and at the same time, it did not burn a hole in our wallet.

5. The offer is valid till 31st July,2017. Make the best use of it to dine at some of the finest restaurants to taste the unique food and enjoy the delicacies thereby celebrating the real spirit of #TheCulinaryQuest2017

SIAWED honoured Budding Entrepreneurs on Women’s Day

05th March 2017,

Celebrating Womanhood – WE POWER 217

The International Women’s Day was celebrated in Dr MGR University Educational and Research Institute, Adayalampattu campus on March 03rd and 4th , 2017. The event was jointly organized with SIAWED – Southern Industrial Academy for Women Entrepreneurs Development- a women empowering organization.  The event started with an intercollegiate Ideathon (Business Pitch competition) on 3rd March and the best teams were awarded with prizes and certificates.

SIAWED Awardees

SIAWED Awardees

SIAWED WomensDay

SIAWED Womens Day Celebration

Dr.SrimathyKesan at SIAWED

Dr.Srimathy Kesan at SIAWED

The next day, eminent resource persons from various fields shared the opportunities and facilities available for women business aspirants and entrepreneurs.  Ms T. Vanadhi Devi, President of SIAWED welcomed the gathering and briefed on SIAWED and its activities. Dr Prof Rama Vaidyanathan, Director of Biotechnology department, Dr MGR University Educational and Research Institute who addressed the audience gave a brief on ideathon and congratulated the commendable interest of the students’  participation which is motivating them to do it every year. She also briefed on the women empowerment activities of Dr MGR University and the interest of the management in encouraging such initiatives.

Dr Srimathy Kesan, Founder and CEO of SPACE KIDZ inaugurated the session and emphasized the point that everyone of us have born with a purpose  in life and she narrated her personal life experiences in choosing an out of the box business idea and excelling in it. Ms Madhu Saran, United Nations Ambassador for women entrepreneurs Global shared how she can support funding requirements of women entrepreneurs. Dr Deepa Mala, Head – Development Initiatives of CII presented central Government schemes benefitting women especially in pharma industry  and how the marginalized women get benefitted through organizations like SIAWED in reaching out to the benefits  offered by Government and Corporates. Dr Sudha Nair, CEO of Golden Jubilee Bio Technology Park explained the emerging opportunities in bio technology field. Dr Daniel Chellappa, Senior Scientist of Baba Atomic centre (BARC ) shared the offerings of BARC technology in addressing  everyday problems in various sectors such as healthcare, farming, consumables etc.,

The next session is for business presentations suitable for women such as online delivery of home cooked food, organic terrace gardening for healthy living by Mr Sundaram of Foodo and Mr Senthil of Green commune respectively. Ms Vineela, CEO of Tech scribes shared her valuable insight on how marginalized girls are offered an excellent livelihood with her free training on computer skills and with suitable projects to execute. All these projects are jointly to be executed by SIAWED for the benefit of aspiring women in business.

The afternoon session has Mr C K Mohan, General Secretary of Tanstia, Ms Indira, Director of Value sytems, Ms Kalpana Latha of Dinamalar and Ms Alamelu who gave motivating speech for women and students followed by culturals.

Prizes and certificates were distributed to the students who excelled in Ideathon. RJ Karun of Big FM gave a short entertainment which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The students of MGR University entertained the audience with their cultural programs.

SIAWED has honoured the budding entrepreneurs with awards and certificates and also recognized the efforts of the team members by awarding them “Spirit of SIAWED” award. There were 11 Awardees who received the “Spirit of SIAWED” award. SIAWED helps the women community and aspiring students with mentoring support to realize their entrepreneurial dreams and assist them in funding and other related requirements. Business aspirants, Small and medium business women can immensely be benefitted with the support eco system offered by SIAWED in creating bulk business opportunities and marketing support through their networking with corporate sector. SIAWED is also an associate Partner of Anna University to offer entrepreneurial support to the engineering students. With their partnership with several Indian and International agencies, they offer a strong resource network to reach their objective of economic empowerment of women.

The day ended with Vote of Thanks by Ms Suganyasri Venkatesh, an upcoming entrepreneur and Founder CEO of BG Future School, a chain of Preschools having more than 3 branches in Chennai. The delegates who attended the event have expressed their heartfelt gratitude for organizing such an inspiring event and resolved to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams with the support of SIAWED.

Some of the sponsors for the event include Kamadhenu Jewellery, SBI Life Insurance, only4rental, TracXpress and Annam Dhal.  The event came to a close with the singing of our National Anthem.