Clean Avadi 2020 – by Idhu Namma Avadi @ 25th Jan 2020

The team of volunteers with like-mindedness started a social enterprise called Idhu Namma Avadi with an objective to create a social change in the neighbourhood of Avadi. Five focus area like Education, Environment, Health & Hygiene, Women Empowerment and Sports were identified to create a social change. Recently, an event “Clean Avadi” was envisioned by the members of Idhu Namma Avadi on 25 th Jan 2020. Having heard about the programme “PLOGGING” initiated by the Commissioner, Avadi City Municipal Corporation since last November 2019, the Idhu Namma Avadi joined hands with the Avadi City Municipal Corporation to do a massive clean drive on 25th Jan 2020.

Idhu Namma Avadi invited volunteers from Nazareth College of Arts & Science, DRBCC Hindu College, SA Engineering College and few residents of various housing & other associations from the neighbourhood of Avadi. About 1200 volunteers joined hands to clean Avadi. The Commissioner, Avadi City Municipal Corporation provided a great support to this event. About 24 Sanitary Inspectors with their respective municipal workers under the supervision of Sanitary Officer were involved to execute this project.

Idhu Namma Avadi was approached by various public and team of officers from Karur Vyasa Bank to work for this Clean Avadi event. About 45 KVB Officers joined to work with us. MCB builders join hands with Idhu Namma Avadi to partially sponsor this event. The event was flag off by Mr. N Ravichandran, Commissioner, Avadi City Municipal Corporation at ward no. 6 (near Thirumullaivoil). The student volunteers were equally divided into 24 wards/areas and carried out a massive cleaning drive. It was estimated about more than 100 tons of garbage were removed from the neighbourhood. The student volunteers besides cleaning, reached out every household and created an awareness to inspire every citizen to keep the Avadi clean. The Idhu Namma Avadi team also trained few

Nazareth College student volunteers in Tamil Nattupura music/dance (Alternate media) like Para, Oyil aatam etc to attract the neighbourhood in order to create awareness on clean Avadi. Idhu Namma Avadi gained its support from various public and other organisations and received huge appreciation from the Avadi City Municipal Corporation.

The event “Clean Avadi” has evolved as a movement. Mr. Selvaraj, Secretary  Idhu Namma Avadi has pledged the commissioner, Avadi City Municipal Corporation to support in making Avadi the cleanest city of the nation. The social movement has just began in Avadi.. The volunteers of Idhu Namma Avadi is on a journey to social change.

Be the change that you want to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi

Inviting all like-minded volunteers to join Idhu Namma Avadi.
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